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Peru handicraft’s

Peru handicraft’s

We are a company located in Cuzco, Peru. and Through trade, we search and allow the diffusion of Peruvian Culture using handicrafts made by hand as a tool in their different expressions (pottery, jewelry, carvings, masks, paintings, leather accesories, textiles, etc) from various cities in Peru.

We encourage artisans to continue their work and cultural identity to remember our traditions, decorating with their art and using their clothing products and accessories in a manner that future generations continue the legacy that identify us Peruvians in the world.

We are sure that we will contribute to craftsmen so that their work as acan be used as a tool to improve their economy, and help them to distribute and market their products both nationally and internationally.


Products manufacturer located in Cuzco Peru offering a lot of alpaca fur items as: bears, stuffed plush toys, hats, slippers, rugs, bedspreads, cushions, pillows, garments, jackets, stoles and a lot of Peru handicraft’s.

We produce traditional handicrafts from Peru, all handmade. Rugs, tapestries, blankets, alpaca bedspreads, blankets, gourds. The Peruvian Handicrafts are well known around the world and are really appreciated.