Is an online store of handicraft and typical products from Peru.
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Welcome buyers and exporters,as a part of bringing products with the best quality, here you will find a variety of peruvian products for wholesale. In this store you will find all that you was looking for. Like the famous alpaca chullo or maybe a really nice butterfly frame, or another peruvian art product. All of them carefully handmade. Enjoy your trip!

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PeruHandicrafts.com is a website selling Peruvian handicrafts. It is a small company located in Cuzco (the arqueological capital of Peru) with the principal objective of promoting Peru and the products of its artisans. here.

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Peruvian Handicrafts

Peruvian Handicrafts, a social enterprise, has been striving to empower disadvantaged women of the slum communities of andean.

Cusco Handicrafts Information

Peru is a country of many cultures coexisting together. In Cusco, this characteristic can be appreciated along the streets and in the faces of the people.

Examples of this biodiversity in culture are the crafts. All kinds of crafts, like: dolls, wall hangings, paintings, decorations, earrings, necklaces, purses, boots, pipes, hats, etc. made from wood, tagua, alpaca, bronze, silver or wool.

The sales of handicrafts are done by 2 methods: informal sales "on the streets" and in shopping centers or stores.

The informal sales are cheaper and you have the opportunity to haggle with the price. They are located throughout the city, especially along the Sol Avenue. There are also places where street vendors gather to sell, like the Mercado Artesanal Cusco , ( Cuzco Artisan Market) on Pachacutec Ave., near the train station. You can also find vendors in the parks. 

There are also local shopping centers that specialize in the sale of handicrafts and can be found throughout the city, in commercial centers or at the Sacred Valley.

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